Online Catalog

Since the mid 1980s, Printed Matter has maintained an extensive database for information about artists’ books, resulting in one of the world’s largest collections of material related to the subject. A dedicated in-store staff member is responsible for keeping thorough bibliographic records of all material that comes through the shop. The search-friendly catalog on this website currently includes 45120 records for items currently carried through Printed Matter and an archive of titles previously in stock. Available free to the public, the database is a powerful research tool for both institutions and individuals interested in the field.

Contemporary Artists Book Committee

Printed Matter is also an active member of the Contemporary Artists Books Committee (CABC), made up of a group of library professionals with an expertise in the field of artists’ publications. CABC includes representatives from the Museum of Modern Art Library, Frick Art Reference Library, Brooklyn Museum Library, New York Public Library, International Center for Photography Library, and others. Each year the committee organizes a two day conference, held in conjunction with the NY Art Book Fair and LA Art Book Fair, featuring lively discussions and lectures that address emerging practices and art-book culture with many of field’s most important practitioners.