At the heart of Printed Matter’s non-profit distribution services is a longstanding open submission policy which welcomes artists and individual publishers worldwide to submit their publications to be considered for sale by Printed Matter. It’s always a great thrill for us to see the incredibly diverse and exciting contemporary artists’ books being published, and to make them available to the widest audience possible. We hope you will consider submitting your publications!

If you have an artists’ publication that you would like to have considered for the store, please send us a single copy with a completed copy of our Title Review Form. Books may be dropped off in person or sent to us by mail. If you would like your book to be returned to you in the event that it is not accepted, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. No additional supporting materials are necessary, but feel free to provide relevant information along with the book if you like.

Before submitting you book, please take a moment to read the following FAQ regarding the types of publications we’re able to consider, our consignment policy, and other important information about the submission process.

When you are ready to submit your book, please fill out the title review form:

What type of publications can I submit?

Broadly speaking, Printed Matter is interested in publications that have been conceived as artworks in their own right. We are looking for artists' publications that are democratically available, inexpensive and produced in large or open editions rather than limited editions or unique books. While the majority of our inventory is made up of artists’ books, we also consider some other related material including artists' writings, artists' magazines, flip books, audio works, DVDs, and computer works.

What types of publications are not considered?

Conventional catalogs of artworks, traditional artists' monograph, fiction, non-fiction, literary magazines, chapbooks and works of illustrated poetry typically fall outside our scope. While we carry a small selection of multiples, prints, posters and postcards, we are unfortunately not able to consider this material through the submission process due to our limited space at the shop.

Do I need to submit a physical copy of my book?

We do ask to see a physical copy of the book in its completed form as the production and execution of the book are important aspects that are taken into account during the review. For this reason we are unfortunately not able to consider books in progress, galleys, mock-ups or PDFs.

How are books selected?

Books distributed through Printed Matter are selected by a committee made up of staff. Books that are in line with Printed Matter’s mission and function as artists’ projects are considered with regards to the overall realization of the book project. We try to balance our selection to take into account the diversity of publications in the field as well as what else is currently in stock.

How long should I expect to wait before hearing?

We receive a very large number of submissions and while we do our best to review all material in a timely manner, it typically takes around 4-6 weeks to hear from us. Around our book fairs and holidays the response time can be longer. We kindly ask for your patience.

What happens if my book is accepted?

If your work is accepted, you will be contacted by email with a consignment contract and book order. Please print the form and fill out with as much bibliographic data as you can (this will ensure our record of the book is complete and accurate) and return the contract in the same package as the books. Publications may be sent by mail or dropped off in store. We advise that you keep a copy for your records, as we are no longer able to return a countersigned contract.

What happens if my book is not accepted?

We regret that we cannot carry every title submitted to us due to limited retail space. In the event your book is not accepted, please understand this is not necessarily due to the merit of the publication, as we frequently receive interesting books that fall outside of our scope or are over-represented at the time of submission. If your book is not accepted and we have not received a self-addressed, stamped envelope, it will be donated to a local educational institution, currently the School of Visual Arts Library.

Unfortunately, Printed Matter is unable to hold books for later pick-up. Only submissions that have been sent with a self-addressed envelope and postage will be returned.

What are the conditions for selling my book?

As a non-profit organization, Printed Matter typically works on a consignment basis for books sold through the store, as purchasing all books outright would be cost-prohibitive and greatly limit what we are able to stock. Our consignment terms are 50/50 for items priced under $100. If your book is accepted you will be required to sign the following Consignment Contract.


Printed Matter, Inc. agrees to stock your consigned title[s] as listed below and to distribute it by retail, wholesale, and/or by sub-contract to a third party, for at least one year from contract date. Printed Matter will use all reasonable care to protect your title[s]. Printed Matter may not be held responsible for the normal "wear-and-tear" that occurs to your title[s] over the duration of the contract. In the event of fire, flood, or other disaster beyond our control, Printed Matter may not be held responsible for any loss or damage to your title[s]. Printed Matter reserves the right to reproduce images of your title[s], in whole or part, for the purpose of promotion in printed and/or electronic format[s]. Printed Matter will consider your submitted review copy as a donation to Printed Matter for the purpose of display and handling within our store, should the review copy be sold you will receive 50% of it's sale price. Printed Matter handles work on a consignment basis. We endeavor to make payments to artists quarterly, for sales due through March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st for amounts owed over $25. Any amount under $25 will be carried forward to the next three-month payment period. A report of sales will be provided upon payment. You, as consignor, are solely responsible for providing Printed Matter with your current and accurate address, telephone and fax numbers. Should your title[s] be discontinued by Printed Matter, Printed Matter will assume ownership of your title[s] should we be unable to contact you. Printed Matter can not be made responsible for any shipping costs incurred in the delivery of this, or any subsequent, shipment of your title[s] to us.

How do I get paid for books sold?

We endeavor to make payments to suppliers quarterly, for sales due through March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st for amounts owed over $25. Any amount under $25 will be carried forward to the next three-month payment period. A report of sales will be provided upon payment.

With close to 3,000 active supplier accounts we are unable to pay all suppliers every quarter. Please e-mail our Finance Manager if you haven't received payment or would like to check your balance due. Also please e-mail our Finance Manager if you need to update your address, e-mail, or Paypal information.

Printed Matter pays by check for domestic suppliers, and via Paypal for international suppliers. We are not able to pay cash.

How do I restock my publication?

We do our best to keep on top of restocking publications, but it is difficult for us to monitor everything that sells in the store. Due to limited space, we are not able to restock everything that we have previously carried, as it is important that we allow for new publications to have a presence. If you do notice that your title is out of stock, please feel free to reach out and inquire about restocking at

Do I pay for postage?

Due to the volume of books handled by Printed Matter, we can not be made responsible for any shipping costs incurred in delivering material to us. Books may also be dropped off in store.

What happens to the review copy I submitted?

Single copies submitted for review act as an in-store reading or display copy and are not considered part of the inventory consigned to Printed Matter. In the event they are sold, you will be paid 50% per our usual consignment terms. If they are damaged through handling to the point they are not sellable, Printed Matter is not accountable for compensation.

Will Printed Matter wholesale my book to other bookstores?

Printed Matter offers a default 20% wholesale discount to bookstores. If you would like to offer a 30% wholesale discount on your publication, and take a smaller margin on sales to booksellers, please indicate so on your consignment contract.

How do I consign or sell a rare and collectible book?

If you have rare or collectible books that you would like to consign via Printed Matter, please email Max Schumann. We’re particularly interested in classic books from the 60s and 70s, but happy to discuss all kinds.

Who do I contact if I have any other questions?

Please write to with any questions you have concerning book submissions or you may call the store at 212 925 0325.