Colab-related Publications, Posters and Ephemera

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  • Engagements Calendar 1983        Matthew Geller        Books / Artists’ Books        $30.00
  • Absurdities Flyer        Alan Moore        Ephemera / Out of Print Ephemera        $30.00
  • Who Pays?        Bobby G (Robert Goldman)        Books / Signed        $65.00
  • Waiting for Something Dreadful, I Fear Losing All I Hold Dear        Mike Glier        Books        $20.00
  • The New York Spanner (Red Issue)        Spanner        Periodicals        $30.00
  • Art Gangs : Protest & Counterculture in New York City        Alan Moore        Books        $16.00
  • Real Estate Show Manifesto        Committee for Real Estate Show        Posters / Out of Print Ephemera        $100.00
  • A Book About Colab (and Related Activities)        Max Schumann        Books / Monographs        $39.00
  • Tom Otterness        Tom Otterness        Books / Out of Print Books        $75.00
  • Hey Honey Wanna Lift?        Jane Dickson        Books / Zines        $20.00
  • Potato Wolf White Columns Poster        Bobby G (Robert Goldman)        Posters / Out of Print Ephemera        $50.00
  • X Magazine        Jimmy De Sana, Lindzee Smith, Betsy Sussler and Coleen Fitzgibbon        Periodicals / Out of Print Periodicals        $125.00
  • Money Talks        Bobby G (Robert Goldman)        Editions / Signed        $350.00
  • Fashion Moda/Skull Ladies        Stefan Eins        Editions / Prints        $250.00
  • Island of Negative Utopia        Kiki Smith        Editions / Prints        $1,200.00

A selection of books, posters, and ephemera made by members of the New York City collective Collaborative Projects Inc. (aka Colab), the highly energetic group of young New York downtown artists active from the late 1970’s through the mid 1980’s, including periodicals Spanner and X Magazine, announcements for The Real Estate Show and Potato Wolf (Colab’s cable-access television show), the expanded third edition of Jane Dickson’s Hey Honey Wanna Lift?, and other works by Kiki Smith, Alan Moore, Matthew Geller, Tom Otterness, and others.

Also featured is Printed Matter’s recently published and highly anticipated title: A Book About Colab (and Related Activities), edited by Printed Matter director Max Schumann, with a foreword and afterword by art writer and Colab member Walter Robinson.

  1. Spanner
    The New York Spanner (Red Issue)
    New York, NY: Aloes Books, 1978
  2. Alan Moore
    Art Gangs : Protest & Counterculture in New York City
    Brooklyn, NY: Autonomedia, 2011
    Out of stock
  3. Committee for Real Estate Show
    Real Estate Show Manifesto
    New York, NY: Colab, 1980
    size unknown
    Out of stock
  4. Max Schumann
    A Book About Colab (and Related Activities)
    New York, NY: Printed Matter Inc., February 2016
  5. Tom Otterness
    Tom Otterness
    New York, NY: Appearances Press, 1981
  6. Jane Dickson
    Hey Honey Wanna Lift?
    New Orleans, NY: Press Street Press, 2016
  7. Bobby G (Robert Goldman)
    Potato Wolf White Columns Poster
    New York, NY: Colab, ca. 1983
    size unknown
    Out of stock
  8. Jimmy De Sana, Lindzee Smith, Betsy Sussler and Coleen Fitzgibbon
    X Magazine
    New York, NY: Collaborative Projects Inc., 1978
  9. Bobby G (Robert Goldman)
    Money Talks
    New York, NY: R. Goldman, 1980
  10. Stefan Eins
    Fashion Moda/Skull Ladies
    New York, NY: S. Eins, 1980
    Out of stock
  11. Kiki Smith
    Island of Negative Utopia
    New York, NY: ABC No Rio, 1983
  12. Matthew Geller
    Engagements Calendar 1983
    New York, NY: Works Press, 1982
    Out of stock
  13. Alan Moore
    Absurdities Flyer
    New York, NY: Colab, 1981
    size unknown
    Out of stock
  14. Bobby G (Robert Goldman)
    Who Pays?
    New York, NY: R. Goldman, 1980/1996
  15. Mike Glier
    Waiting for Something Dreadful, I Fear Losing All I Hold Dear
    New York, NY: M. Glier, 1980
    size unknown
    Out of stock
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