Featured Titles from the 2016 LA Art Book Fair

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  • Escape Plans        Daniel Zender        Books / Zines        $7.00
  • BILLS, BILLS, BILLS.        Benjamin Critton        Books / Artists’ Books        $30.00
  • Sci-Fi Sundays, Vol. 4        Sarah Hotchkiss        Books / Artists’ Books        $10.00
  • Prince Food        Martine Workman        Books / Zines        $10.00
  • Heart of Darkness        Fiona Banner        Books / Artists’ Books        $35.00
  • LAABF 2016 TOTE                Apparel / Totes        $10.00
  • What Is Art? Tote        Misaki Kawai         / Totes        $20.00
  • LAABF 2016 T-SHIRT [XS, S]                Apparel / T-shirts        $5.00
  • Arty Doll [Extra Large]        Misaki Kawai         / Multiples        $400.00
  • Blanche on the Lam : A Visual Index of Wikipedia Articles Edited Autonomously by the New York City Police Department        Spencer Stucky, editor        Books / Artists’ Books        $15.00
  • Excerpts from an incomplete collection of the publications of Nathaniel Russell 1999-2014                Books / Artists’ Books        $25.00
  • Every Person In New York        Jason Polan        Books / Artists’ Books        $24.00
  • Four Thousand Threads        Dick Jewell        Books / Artists’ Books        $72.00

New titles from the fourth annual LA Art Book Fair in February, including books published by Colpa Press (San Francisco), Martine Workman (Seattle), Tiny Splendor (Los Angeles), Chicago Print Department (Chicago), Ampersand Editions (Portland), and Art Metropole (Toronto), as well as our LAABF t-shirts and totes!

  1. Misaki Kawai
    Arty Doll [Extra Large]
    New York, NY: M. Kawai
    Out of stock
  2. Jason Polan
    Every Person In New York
    San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books, 2015
    Out of stock
  3. Sarah Hotchkiss
    Sci-Fi Sundays, Vol. 4
    San Francisco, CA: Colpa Press, 2016
    Out of stock
  4. Daniel Zender
    Escape Plans
    Los Angeles, CA: Tiny Splendor, 2015
    Out of stock
  5. Martine Workman
    Prince Food
    Seattle, WA: M. Workman, 2016
    Out of stock
  6. Benjamin Critton
    New York, NY: Endless Editions and B. Critton, 2016
    Out of stock
  7. Fiona Banner
    Heart of Darkness
    Four Corners Books and The Vanity Press, October 2015

  8. LAABF 2016 TOTE
    New York, NY: Printed Matter Inc., 2016
    Out of stock
  9. Misaki Kawai
    What Is Art? Tote
    New York, NY: Printed Matter Inc., 2016

  10. LAABF 2016 T-SHIRT [XS, S]
    New York, NY: Printed Matter Inc., 2016
    Out of stock
  11. Dick Jewell
    Four Thousand Threads
    London, UK: D. Jewell, 2015
    Out of stock
Last updated 7/26/2016