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  • Pink Love/Red Love        Linda Hagood        Audio & Video / Vinyl        $19.00
  • Tree Paintings        Erik Kessels        Books        $23.00
  • 100 Cubes        Sol LeWitt        Books / Out of Print Books        $50.00
  • Isometric Drawings        Sol LeWitt        Books / Catalogs        $60.00
  • Ten Isometric Drawings for Ten Vertical Constructions [First Edition]        Fred Sandback        Books / Artists’ Books        $10.00
  • Drawings : June and July 1977        Jackie Ferrara        Books / Artists’ Books        $20.00
  • Inches and Field        Sylvia Plimack Mangold        Books / Artists’ Books        $20.00
  • Lucifer Rising        Hendrik Hegray        Books        $14.00
  • In Almost Every Picture        Erik Kessels        Books        $38.00
  • Gaylord Phoenix        Edie Fake        Books        $17.00
  • Notes From the Cosmic Typewriter        Nicola Simpson and Dom Sylvester Houedard        Books / Monographs        $41.00
  • Throwing Rocks at the Sun        David Horvitz and Denise Schatz        Books / Zines        $15.00
  • Guardiamoci Negli Occhi / Look Into My Eyes        Bruno Munari        Books        $42.00
  • On Onions        Elad Lassry        Books        $30.00
  1. Erik Kessels
    Tree Paintings
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Kesselskramer Publishing, 2009
    Out of stock
  2. Linda Hagood
    Pink Love/Red Love
    San Francisco, CA: Awesome Vistas
    Out of stock
  3. Elad Lassry
    On Onions
    New York: Primary Information, 2012
    Out of stock
  4. Sol LeWitt
    100 Cubes
    Ostfildern, Germany: Cantz Verlag, 1996
    size unknown
    Out of stock
  5. Sol LeWitt
    Isometric Drawings
    New York, NY: Paula Cooper Gallery and John Weber Gallery, 1982
    Out of stock
  6. Fred Sandback
    Ten Isometric Drawings for Ten Vertical Constructions [First Edition]
    New York and New Hampshire, NY: Lapp Princess Press, Ltd. and P.P. Rindge, 1977 ; 2003
    size unknown
    Out of stock
  7. Jackie Ferrara
    Drawings : June and July 1977
    New York, NY: Lapp Princess Press, 1977
  8. Sylvia Plimack Mangold
    Inches and Field
    New York, NY: Lapp Princess Press, 1978
    unknown size
    Out of stock
  9. Hendrik Hegray
    Lucifer Rising
    Zurich, Switzerland: Nieves, 2008
    Out of stock
  10. Erik Kessels
    In Almost Every Picture
    2011, Amsterdam: Kesselskramer Publishing, The Netherlands
    Out of stock
  11. Edie Fake
    Gaylord Phoenix
    Jackson Heights, NY: Secret Acres, 2010
    Out of stock
  12. Nicola Simpson and Dom Sylvester Houedard
    Notes From the Cosmic Typewriter
    London, UK: Occasional Papers, 2012
    Out of stock
  13. David Horvitz and Denise Schatz
    Throwing Rocks at the Sun
    Miniature Garden, 2011
    Out of stock
  14. Bruno Munari
    Guardiamoci Negli Occhi / Look Into My Eyes
    Mantova, Italy: Maurizio Corraini, 2008
    Out of stock
Last updated 11/13/2013