Nacre Journal Issue 1 Readings

March 15, 2019
6-8 PM

Join us for the launch of Nacre Journal Issue 1 featuring readings by Heather Anne Halpert, Barrett White and Tatsiana Zamirouskaya!

Nacre Journal is a sporadic, experimental, critical publication of no single origin or fixed domicile, founded and edited by artist Anastasia Kolas. Nacre Journal online edition is supplementary to the print. The two formats offer overlapping and distinct contents united under thematic concerns of each of the issues.

Heather Anne Halpert lives and works in New York City. She uses sculpture, pictures, and words to compose essays at understanding how human beings bargain with the laws of the physical world: gravity, spills, and endings. Her forthcoming book, a collaboration with Ruth Hoflich, The Back of Her Head Opens Into a Spout: An Anthology of Bottles II, will be published by 8fold press in the spring of 2019.

Barrett White is an artist and writer. He edits Tagvverk, a journal of digital literature, which was recently awarded a grant from Rhizome. He previously served as Exhibition Coordinator for INCA (Institute for New Connotative Action) Seattle. His recent writing has been published in or is forthcoming from Troll Thread, Hysterically Real, Gauss PDF, Emergency Index, Document Journal, and elsewhere. His visual art has been recently exhibited in group exhibitions in Troy, NY (Collar Works); Helsinki, FI (Alkovi Galleria); Seattle, WA (Northwest Film Forum); and Los Angeles, CA (Roger’s Office).

Tatsiana Zamirouskaya is a writer, music critic and journalist from Minsk, Belarus. She is the author of 2 short stories collections in Russian: “Life Without Noise And Pain”(2010) and “Sparrow River” (2010), published by AST Publishing House, Moscow. Her current interests are aphasia, apophenia and resurrection. Tatsiana is the 2018 recipient of Gorchev’s Fellowship in Russia and Macdowell Colony fellowship in the US.

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