Anicka Yi and Ross Simonini in conversation

October 18, 2018

Artist/writers, Anicka Yi and Ross Simonini will have a wide ranging talk on writing as a foundation for sculpture, synthesized bacteria, artificial intelligence, and fluid humanity. This event is presented with Stephanie LaCava of Small Press.

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Ross Simonini is an artist, writer and musician. He’s shown at the Sharjah Biennial, Jack Hanley gallery, Shoot the Lobster, and Vacancy LA. His first novel, The Book of Formation was published in 2017 by Melville House books.

Artist Anicka Yi’s work involves scent, tactility and perishability as a means to reconfigure the epistemological and sensorial terms of a predominantly visual art world. Yi is not only interested in materials research, but also what collaboration between individuals and disciplines might mean in relation to friendship. Drawing upon philosophical and critical writings, Yi explores the political and ethical ramifications of these interactions. Yi lives and works in New York City. Solo exhibitions include: Anicka Yi 7,070,430K of Digital Spit, Kunsthalle Basel, Divorce, 47 Canal, New York among others.