Barbara Bloom : Gifts - Book & edition release

November 6, 2015
6:00-8:00 PM

Printed Matter is pleased to launch Gifts, a new project by artist Barbara Bloom published by Ludion, Antwerp. A special edition of the work is also available, accompanied by eight large-format giftwrap papers which are presented in a linen box.

Please join us, Friday, November 6, 6-8 PM, for a special release with Barbara Bloom, publication contributor Susan Tallman, and Ludion editors Peter Ruyffelaere and Ruth Ruyffelaere. Bloom and Tallman will share some informal words about the project and the nature of gifts and giving. Join on Facebook here

Tallman, an art historian who has written extensively on the history and culture of the print, as well as on issues of authenticity, reproduction and multiplicity, writes of the publication : The present project is a work of art about gifts and their wrappings, which is to say, about insides and outsides, covering and uncovering, indirection and revelation. It is also about pleasure, secrets, generosity and making silk purses from sows’ ears.

The work brings to light Bloom’s longterm interest in the complicated relationship we maintain with ‘the gift’, considering how these traded objects take on meaning and serve as shorthand for our affections, but also anticipate a sense of loss. The gift is a means of apology, of making in-roads, gaining trust and winning-over. Through the giving of gifts we show a version of intimacy, love and desire that is deliberate and controlled but also, too often, more meaningful than we had intended.

Framed giftwrap papers will be on view at Printed Matter, with the special edition Gifts available for purchase. Published in an edition of 40 + 5 AP’s, signed and numbered by the artist.

The regular edition of Gifts measures 6 x 9 1⁄4, with 112 pages, and retails for $60. Available here

The special hardcover edition with 8 gift wrap in a linen box is available here