WE COULD START A WAR, an installation by Erik van der Weijde

May 8, 2015
6:00-8:00 PM

‘We could Start a War’ is an installation overviewing Dutch artist Erik van der Weijde’s publications that address, in different ways, the theme of violence.

In the Printed Matter window van der Weijde presents his latest publication Paradiesvögel’ (Birds of Paradise II), which features heavily rasterized images of German War Tanks. As with the previous title in this series Teddy Bear, his new work Paradiesvögel allows for multiple interpretations.

Van der Weijde has also created a new special editioned work of ‘stuffed ammunition’, golden vinyl bombshells which have been hand-stitched in 3 different sizes. Like the ‘Birds of Paradise’, van der Weijde intends that these works be acquired and presented as phallic trophies of war.

The event will also serve as the launch of the 4th issue of Subway, a quarterly magazine edited and published by van der Weijde’s 4478zine which similarly looks at war and violence in popular culture. This 4th issue includes works by German artist and biologist Jochen Lempert, Dutch/Brazilian artist Rafaël Rozendaal and Japanese photographer Go Itami. Van der Weijde will cross-read some passages dealing with violence from Subway’s past 4 issues.

Van der Weijde publishes most of work through his own moniker 4478zine: “4478ZINE believes that questioning social phenomena is a healthy habit. We translate specific themes into artist’s books, using bold production and challenging design. We believe that print has the power to merge medium and message and to inspire.”