Rachel Domm - Window Diary - Published by Nieves

April 17, 2015
6:00-8:00 PM

Rachel Domm’s Window Diary is a series of 365 drawings of windows for every day of 2014. Throughout the year, the artist drew the view from the window of her apartment in Brooklyn and from her numerous travels — from Sweden to Miami to Cameroon to The Åland Islands to India. In all, there are 15 different cities from 4 different continents chronicled in the book, making it a travel journal as well. It records the change in season from snowy days in January to rainy days in April and hot days in August. While the scenes are objective, the view is personal and contemplative, even though it looks outside instead of inside.

By maintaining the drawings for a year, the artist comments on habits, rituals and the passage of time. The variety of compositions throughout the book speak to the way windows create quadrants in space, providing a ready-made frame for the viewer.

Window Diary retails for $24 and is available here