SPRTS ISSUE #3 from Endless Editions - Publication Launch

August 28, 2014
6:00-8:00 PM

SPRTS is a satirical monthly periodical which combines the talents of writers, editors and artists. The contributions made to our magazine are selected through invitation and a rolling submissions policy. Each issue of SPRTS contains up-to-date articles, which analyze events in professional sports leagues, personal opinion pieces, found images and faux-editorial content. We encourage submissions to consider the ubiquity of team sports in mass media, highlight everyday pickup games, and exemplify an admiration for the sports that are literally (see definition for figuratively) “left on the sidelines.”

SPRTS ISSUE #3 will be a unique installment of the SPRTS periodical. Following our exclusive coverage of the 2014 World Cup, this next installment of SPRTS will begin to form a wider range of monthly column formatting. With the return of contributing authors such as Landan Gross, (professor of literature at State University of New York at New Paltz) and the first installment of a monthly advice column by Anna-Marie Settine, Issue #3 of SPRTS will take on more rigorous editorial challenges. These additions will give readers significantly more continuity from month to month/issue to issue and will supplement our “Top 5” list and “SPRTS Instagram of the Month”

This upcoming issue will include an exposé featuring the Downtown Girls Basketball league by editor Anthony Tino, as well as images from Tate Foley, Audrey Ryan and Paul John.

The launch will feature music from Erik Gundel and Kevin Dejewski and a reading from co-editor Anthony Tino.

This issue is staple bound and printed on 5-color risograph. Visit endlesseditions.com to submit to their next issue.