‘Pictures for Looking at’ - An installation by Jason Evans

July 23 - August 23, 2014

We’re pleased to present a storefront installation by photographer Jason Evans, on view through August 23rd. The colorful presentation brings together his editioned work in custom-color frames alongside photographic posters and other material on red and green wall paint. View publications included as part of the exhibition here, featuring his own work as well as a selection of titles chosen by the artist.

The installation is presented on occasion of our recently published book Pictures for looking at & equivalents, featuring a series of intricate still lives by the artist paired with diagonally divided rectangles. With no interpretive text, the work he says “asks for just a keen pair of eyes happy to wander and wonder,” setting up some kind of equivalency between the two forms. The publication is offset-printed and staple bound in an edition of 500, and is designed by Jason Evans & Tom Watt.

In addition to the publication, three fundraising prints are available from Evans, featuring new ‘equivalents’ taken from Pictures for looking at series. The works are printed on 11″ × 14″ metallic paper and are available in an edition of 20.