PAGe n.10 - Traslochi Emotivi and Lee Ranaldo - “The here and right now”

May 8, 2014
6:00-8:00 PM

PAGe is a project by Traslochi Emotivi. Published since 2011, it is an adventure based on coincidences, printed on A3 size paper.

Each issue comes out of notes, ideas, poems, songs, dialogues, meetings with artists and asks : “ What happens if you move? "You need only a piece of paper to record it and something happens – these notes and thoughts are translated into PAGes.

PAGe n.10 is from Traslochi Emotivi and Lee Ranaldo. The issue "The here and right now” features a poem by Brion Gysin, alongside Ranaldo’s text Mexico City D.F and the drawing Street to New York. PAGe n.10 has come into being through music, poems and moving.

Join Traslochi Emotivi, with Lee Ranaldo in attendance, to launch the new issue.

PAGe is printed in Italy in a colored digital process, edition of 200 copies. Published by Traslochi Emotivi.

Previous issues: PAGe n.1 “Lupa di mare”, august 2011 PAGe n.2 Traslochi Emotivi and Francesca Pasini, 23 novembre alle ore 23 PAGe n.3 Traslochi Emotivi and Simon Lewandowski, venerdi 6 novembre 2011 PAGe n.4 “FATE PRESTO”, 11/11/11 PAGe n.5 Traslochi Emotivi and Cecilie Skov, raining lunch PAGe n.6 Traslochi Emotivi with Ako Atikossie, Ruggero Baisi, Adriana Grigoriev, Guemmuk Lee, Edlira Mullaj, Ichrak Taha, “ A PASSO D'UOMO”, venerdi 13 aprile 2012 PAGe n. 7 Traslochi Emotivi and Aki Sasamoto, “SHAKE it ”, Domenica 4.6.2012 PAGe n.8 Traslochi Emotivi and Maxine Ma'atSankofa “The muse is exhausted” PAGe n.9 Traslochi Emotivi and Marijke van Warmerdam, “SECOND” PAGe n.10 Traslochi Emotivi and Lee Ranaldo, “The here and right now”