SMUT, Volume II: Voyeurism

Conversation + signing at Printed Matter Chelsea
March 14, 2024

Join us at Printed Matter Chelsea for a conversation with Ezekiel, founder and Creative Director of the erotic photobook series SMUT. Ezekiel will be joined in discussion by Georgia Moot. A signing will follow their conversation.

Supported by Satellite.

SMUT explores the boundaries between art, fashion and erotica; with each volume having a specific theme that explores a part of modern-day sexuality and culture. In its latest second installment, SMUT, Volume II: Voyeurism humorously re-imagines the exaggerated and often comical depictions of voyeurism found in the gay adult digital landscape. Volume II delves deep into gay fantasies and desires and—in keeping with the themes of Volume I —heavily features models working in the adult entertainment industry. @smutspreads

Ezekiel is a Filipino photographer and filmmaker based in London. In 2022, they became Creative Director of SMUT and released their inaugural photobook titled ‘SMUT, Volume I: Transgressions’— marking the inception of an ongoing series of erotic publications. Ezekiel’s work frequently delves into the complexities of the human condition, sexuality, gender, and identity politics through a queer gaze.

Georgia Moot is a British model, writer and presenter based between London and New York. She has worked with the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, Helmut Lang and Coach. As well as being a favored face in campaigns and catwalks, Georgia uses her fashion world sensibilities alongside her degree in sociology and lived experiences to advocate for mental health awareness and diversity within the creative industries.

Satellite is a global creative community and nomadic gallery space. Satellite empowers artists of all identities and backgrounds through collaborative projects, exhibitions and educational workshops.

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