Middle East Archive: Football

Book launch at Printed Matter Chelsea
February 15, 2024

Join us at Printed Matter Chelsea for the release of Football, a photo book from the Middle East Archive. Football showcases a vivid collection of images that capture the essence of football and its vibrant culture in the Middle East and North Africa. Through these visuals, Football explores the passion of fans, the energy of matches, and the unique intersections of football with the diverse societies of the region. The publication is motivated both by a love of the game, and the desire to showcase an underrepresented MENA football culture.

Featuring the work of photographers Abbas, Nikos Economopoulos, Karim Sahib, Jinane Ennasri, Marco Di Lauro, Alex Webb, and Salah Malkawi, amongst others.

Middle East Archive Founder / Curator: Romaisa Baddar
Designer: Akaar Amin
Copyeditor: Dalia Al-Dujaili
Translator: Mourad Nusair

Middle East Archive is a creative archive that retrieves lost memories from the Middle East and Maghreb. With a vivid curatorial eye, it attempts to bring forward everyday memories that immerse one within the locally lived cultures. With particular attention to candid moments, banal interactions and simplicity, it brings forward the essence of MENA.

With photography as its principle medium, the Middle East Archive collaborates with photographers, often giving new life to their archival collections. Thanks to a diversity of styles, perspectives, subject matter, and the multitude of creatives that contribute to bringing this vision to life, MEA constantly flourishes in its times.