The Other Almanac — Book Launch and Reading

May 21, 2022
4pm - 6pm

The Other Almanac is a reimagining of The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the oldest continuous print publication in the US. The original project is a mix of old wisdom, garden advice, little poems, jokes, how-to recipes, calendars, weather predictions and more. Although it’s advertised as “for everyone”, it’s limited culturally, and has historically catered to rural white American farmers.

With this new imagining, The Other Almanac still contains small wisdoms, articles, tips, calendars, and star guides, but it is filled with words and art from professors, farmworkers, adult industry workers, tattoo artists, urban geographers, medicine makers, incarcerated poets, climate activists, astrologers, midwives, and more.

The 2022 edition is conceived of the first of many Other Almanacs to come, with the goal to make a yearly and financially accessible publication that can be carried in gas stations, bookstores, delis, museums, community centers, gardening stores, supermarkets and more

Join us for a launch event with contributor readings, refreshments and on-site astrology.

With contributions from:

Alfonso Abad, Amy Goodman, {Aya} Maria Maldonado, B. Vanessa Coleman, Basie Allen, Cassandra Mayela, Chyana Marie Sage, Chris Martin, Daniel Arnold, David Zilber, Demetrius James, Denis Moynihan, Ella Belenky, Francesca Capone, Ilana Harris-Babou, Jade Alicandro Mace, Jade Forrest Marks, Jing Jing Wang, Jordan K. Earls, Julie Spencer, Kay Goldberg, Khaled Hourani, Lauren Hudson, Little Broad Studio, Lily Consuelo Saporta Tagiuri, Lily Cuyler, Lupe Gonzalo, Martina Zunica, Maya Lazzaro, Morgan Lett, Orfeo Tagiuri, Rindon Johnson, Shatzi Weisberger, Tamara Gonzales, Tomás, Who Tattoo, Yoko Ono, Zoë Schlanger, and Zoey Gong