Dizzy Magazine Issue 7 Launch

May 15, 2021

Join us at Printed Matter / St Marks this Saturday May 15th from 3-5pm for a sidewalk launch of Dizzy Magazine Issue 7! Dizzy Issue 7 features artists all living and/or working in Mexico. In the same way Dizzy Issue 6 was centered around Japan, with text in both Japanese and English, this issue presents interviews and text in both English and Spanish.

Masks required, hand sanitizer provided!

Featured artists: ART / ARTE - Nirvana Paz, Manuel Guzmán, MURAK, Samuel Guerrero, Wil Contreras, Pilar de la Fuente, Adrián Fierro WRITING / ESCRITURA - Gabriela Jauregui STYLE / ESTILO- Victor Barragán 12 AND UNDER - Macaria & Alba PET PAGE / ANIMALES - Chava, Ofelia, Lola, Lindsey y Lohan

Dizzy is a magazine publisher focusing on bridging the gap between artists of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of exposure. We feel it is important to eliminate the emphasis on these differences, while still celebrating the artists’ identities. Dizzy Magazine includes in depth conversations with artists, as well as sections, like our “Pet Page”, to engage readers of all ages. Expanding upon Dizzy Magazine’s “12 and Under” section, which features a young artist, we have recently launched Mishou Magazine. Highlighting work by artists age 15 and younger, collaborations between generations, and interactive sections, Mishou acknowledges the importance of early childhood education and aims to validate children’s identities as individuals and artists.