Printed Matter at Tokyo Art Book Fair / Virtual Art Book Fair!

November 16 - 23, 2020

Printed Matter is thrilled to participate in the Virtual Art Book Fair (VABF) organized by Tokyo Art Book Fair (TABF). Originally scheduled for Fall 2020 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, VABF is a virtual alternative, taking place from Monday, November 16–Monday, November 23, 2020. Our booth will present a selection of artists’ books, including titles from Printed Matter’s publication program, as well as new and recent fundraising editions by artists Farah Al Qasimi, Moyra Davey, Coco Fusco, David Horvitz, Joseph Kosuth, Louise Lawler, Alicia Nauta, Cauleen Smith, Didier William, and more!

Each year since its founding in 2009, the Tokyo Art Book Fair has brought publishers, galleries, and artists to Tokyo from around the world to create a platform of innovative expression for all things printed. Their aim for the Virtual Art Book Fair is to utilize their experiences and connections to create a space where people can discover new art books and meet like-minded people in this new realm of the virtual. VABF will connect with visitors digitally: offering exhibitor booths, lectures, talk shows, signing events, and more features that capture the allure of all types of printed media. VABF will also continue TABF’s Guest Country series, directing their focus this year on The Netherlands. VABF considers this to be an era of experimentation, promising not to lose sight of TABF’s DIY spirit and sense of humor as they test out new possibilities, preparing a variety of exciting events, exhibitions, and features to give you a multi-layered, multi-faceted experience of the art books.

Stay tuned for a conversation between Printed Matter’s Director and Coordinator of Fairs & Editions, Sonel Breslav and Emmy Catedral, and Tokyo Art Book Fair’s Naoko Higashi and Director Yusuke Nakajima, to be posted on VABF’s Event page on the final day of the Fair, November 23, 2020!

Browse the full list of Exhibitors here!