Window Installation with Tamara Santibañez

November 11 - December 6, 2019

“We rise and fall in a rhythm of compromise.”

We are pleased to present a commissioned window installation by artist Tamara Santibañez. In Tamara’s compelling and highly versatile practice, Mexican traditions, immigrant family dynamics, queerness, punk rock and other cultural semiotics are deconstructed with masterful crafts — both traditional and innovative — and reinvented into captivating imageries. In this window installation, Tamara combined ink drawing and paper cutout to form an arch of lilies, a type of flower that is largely considered a symbol of purity and innocence, and yet rumored to have been intended as a symbol of revolution in the case of Diego Rivera. Gathering and giving structures to vulnerability, the bridge of lilies communicates elegant resilience, from the window to the street.

About Artist Tamara Santibañez

Tamara Santibañez (b. 1987) is a multimedia artist living and working in Brooklyn. Her work is rooted in subcultural semiotics, exploring the meanings we assign to materials, accessories and objects.