2018 Gift Guide - Out of Print

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  • Tom Otterness        Tom Otterness        Books / Out of Print Books        $75.00
  • Top Stories        Cookie Mueller        Periodicals / Artists’ Writings        $800.00
  • [Xerox Book]        Sol LeWitt, Lawrence Weiner, Robert Morris, Joseph Kosuth, Robert Barry and Carl Andre        Books / Out of Print Books        $4,750.00
  • Terry Fox: University Art Museum, Berkeley        Terry Fox        Books / Catalogs        $25.00
  • Crackers        Ed Ruscha        Books / Artists’ Books        $45.00
  • A Book About Death        Ray Johnson        Books / Artists’ Books        $50.00
  • Sony Outsider        Tom Sachs        Books / Catalogs        $75.00
  • Surveillance Is Your Busywork Placard        Barbara Kruger        Editions / Prints        $850.00
  • Andy Warhol : Maos        Andy Warhol        Buttons / Catalogs        $150.00
  • It’s a Free Concert From Now On        Richard Prince        Books / Catalogs        $200.00
  • Walls Paper        Gordon Matta-Clark        Books / Out of Print Books        $2,000.00
  • Rimbaud In New York        David Wojnarowicz        Books / Out of Print Books        $600.00
  • Drawings and Diagrams        Dan Flavin        Books / Out of Print Books        $225.00
  • Art in Everyday Life        Linda Montano        Books / Out of Print Books        $50.00
  • Fire Over Water        Reese Williams        Books / Out of Print Books        $50.00
  1. Cookie Mueller
    Top Stories
    New York, NY: Top Stories, 1984
    size unknown
  2. Tom Sachs
    Sony Outsider
    Santa Fe, NM: SITE Santa Fe, 1999
    Size Unknown
    Out of stock
  3. Barbara Kruger
    Surveillance Is Your Busywork Placard
    New York, NY: B. Kruger, ca. 1983
    Out of stock
  4. Sol LeWitt, Lawrence Weiner, Robert Morris, Joseph Kosuth, Robert Barry and Carl Andre
    [Xerox Book]
    New York, NY: Seth Siegelaub and Jack Wendler Gallery, 1968
  5. Andy Warhol
    Andy Warhol : Maos
    Basel, Switzerland: Kunstmuseum Basel, 1972
    size unknown
    Out of stock
  6. Ed Ruscha
    Hollywood, CA: Heavy Industry Publications, 1969
    Out of stock
  7. Terry Fox
    Terry Fox: University Art Museum, Berkeley
    Berkeley, CA: University Art Museum, 1973
    Out of stock
  8. Richard Prince
    It’s a Free Concert From Now On
    New York, NY: Barbara Gladstone Gallery, 2002
    size unknown
  9. Gordon Matta-Clark
    Walls Paper
    Buffalo, NY: Buffalo Press, 1973
    size unknown
  10. Tom Otterness
    Tom Otterness
    New York, NY: Appearances Press, 1981
  11. David Wojnarowicz
    Rimbaud In New York
    New York: PPP Editions, 2004
  12. Dan Flavin
    Drawings and Diagrams
    St. Louis, MO: Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, 1973
    Out of stock
  13. Linda Montano
    Art in Everyday Life
    Los Angeles, CA: Astro Artz, 1981
  14. Reese Williams
    Fire Over Water
    New York, NY: Tanam Press, 1986
    size unknown
  15. Ray Johnson
    A Book About Death
    New York, NY: Between Books, 2005
    Out of stock
Last updated 12/4/2018