Nexus Press
Location: Atlanta, GA
Nexus Press was a non-profit fine arts press in Atlanta in production from 1978-2003. It was founded by a group of college students with the aid of a single professor. When their school refused to publish the works of a few students because the pieces were too edgy, the artists took the initiative to self-publish their work. This photo collective, named Nexus Gallery, grew to become an iconic center for book arts in the South. The innovative presence of Nexus Press was key in the formation of the current day ACA Library Artist’s Book Collection. An early adopter of experimental offset printing, the Press traversed the unknown, creating books, posters, flyers, and statements that lived and live beyond their covers. SCAD Atlanta has significant holdings from the press including books and ephemera, and emphasizes the belief that the Artist’s Book Collection is a teaching collection. The library offers subject specific classes each quarter to a wide variety of majors. Students, faculty, and the public can make appointments to visit the collection.