Discounted Rare and Out of Print Publications

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  • Andy Warhol [Stockholm Catalogue]        Andy Warhol        Books / Catalogs        $300.00
  • The Fox        Mel Ramsden, Sarah Charlesworth, Joseph Kosuth, Preston Heller, Michael Corris, Andrew Menard, Ian Burn, Fox and editors        Periodicals / Out of Print Periodicals        $76.00
  • The Fox        Sarah Charlesworth, Michael Corris, Preston Heller, Joseph Kosuth, Andrew Menard and Mel Ramsden and editors        Periodicals        $80.00
  • Red-Herring        Karl Beveridge, Ian Burn, Carole Condé, Michael Corris, Preston Heller and Andrew Menard        Out of Print / Out of Print Periodicals        $80.00
  • S.M.S.         Dick Higgins, Hannah Wiener, John Battan, William Bryant (Billy Copley), Enrico Baj, Aftograph, Roland Penrose, Man Ray, Joseph Kosuth, Ronnie Landfield and H.C. Westermann        Books / Multiples        $680.00
  • LA AIR        Bruce Nauman        Books / Artists' Books        $750.00
  • Rupprecht Geiger        Rupprecht Geiger        Books / Artists' Books        $1,200.00
  • A Sentence of Thirteen Parts (With Twelve Alternate Verbs) Ending in Fable [aka: FABLE]        John Baldessari        Books / Artists' Books        $150.00
  • Stamped Indelibly (Portfolio with 14 signed/stamped works)        Various Artists        Books / Artists' Books        $3,200.00
  • Two Performances and Detour        Marina Abramovic and Ulay        Books        $50.00
  • Muntadas : Films, Videotapes, Videocassettes        Muntadas        Books / Catalogs        $60.00
  • Douglas Huebler : November 1968        Douglas Huebler        Books / Catalogs        $480.00
  • TRILOVE : 3 Poems by Robert Indiana        Robert Indiana        Books / Out of Print Books        $800.00

Printed Matter is pleased to present an offering of discounted rare and out-of-print items. Available at up to 25% off, this selection of historical works reflects a number of approaches to artist publishing as a conceptual practice through the 1960’s and 70’s. These publications, both well and lesser known, give fascinating insight into a budding art-form that brought together text and images into something fundamentally accessible and offered unlimited aesthetic possibilities to its many practitioners.

Among available publications is Stamped Indelibly, a signed 1967 portfolio of rubber-stamp works, including contributions from Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Indiana, Red Grooms, and others – an exceedingly rare copy still sealed in its original wrap. Perhaps more widely known is the Bruce Nauman’s seminal LA AIR (1970), published by Multiples, Inc, an offset-printed square format project which enumerated the hazy skyscapes of Los Angeles, each page comprised of only an expansive color field. For other artists, the physicality of the book form became a vital component of the project. John Baldessari’s Fable or Rupprecht Geiger’s self-titled portfolio, for example, employed the folded page as a means of both concealing and revealing hidden aspects of the work.

Last updated 5/18/2017