Out of Order, Out of Sight

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  • Rat Piece        Kim Jones        Books / Signed        $200.00
  • The Complete Dinner Party Box Set        Judy Chicago        Books        $100.00
  • Stop Crying : a Performance        Ida Applebroog        Books / Artists' Books        $3.00
  • Adrian Piper : A Retrospective        Adrian Piper and Maurice Berger        Books        $150.00
  • Say Something : A Performance        Ida Applebroog        Books / Artists' Books        $65.00
  • Out of Order, Out of Sight [Volume I: Selected Writings in Meta-Art, 1968 - 1992; Volume II: Selected Writings in Art Criticism 1967-1992]        Adrian Piper         / Artists' Writings        $50.00
  • Write-in Jerry Brown President        Doug Aitken        Books / Signed        $1,000.00
  • Old News : Resurrection City [Softcover]        Jill Freedman        Books / Artists' Books        $100.00
  • Americamerica        Matt Keegan        Books / Artists' Books        $250.00
  • Mai 68 : Street Posters from the Paris Rebellion                Books / Out of Print Books        $2,500.00
  • I Can't : A Performance        Ida Applebroog        Books / Artists' Books        $3.00
  • Heresies #7        Heresies Collective and Heresies        Periodicals        $65.00
  • Sanctus Sonorensis        Philip Zimmermann        Books / Artists' Books        $50.00
  • All the World's Fighter Planes 2006        Fiona Banner        Books        $20.00
  • Che / Loro        Leandro Katz        Books / Signed        $75.00

A selection of artists’ books and posters from our Out-of-Print shelves featuring politically engaged projects that give visibility to a range of concerns. Among them, the feminist periodical Heresies (running 1977-1992), publications overviewing the conceptual activist work of Judy Chicago and Adrian Piper, and the underhanded visual-critique of Fiona Banner on the troubling aestheticization of modern warfare. Sanctus Sonorensis, a visual project from Philip Zimmermann, presents a simple series of photos depicting the massive skyscape over Southern Arizona at the most active crossing point for ‘illegal’ immigrants heading into the Sonoran desert.

Last updated 1/25/2017