From the Collection of Robert Jacks

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  • Arcs, Circles & Grids         Sol LeWitt        Books / Artists' Books        $250.00
  • Museum of Modern Art/Yoko Ono-One woman show        Yoko Ono        Books        $350.00
  • Untitled (Black Bunny Head Postcard)        Ray Johnson        Ephemera        $750.00
  • Untitled (Green Bunny Head Postcard)        Ray Johnson        Ephemera        $750.00
  • A Sentence of Thirteen Parts (With Twelve Alternate Verbs) Ending in Fable [aka: FABLE]        John Baldessari        Books / Artists' Books        $150.00
  • The Location of Eight Points        Sol LeWitt        Books / Artists' Books        $2.00
  • Moogambo        Tony Shafrazi        Books / Artists' Books        $100.00
  • Royal Road Test        Ed Ruscha, Mason Williams and Patrick Blackwell        Books        $200.00
  • Color Grids        Sol LeWitt        Books / Artists' Books        $35.00
  • July 1969 [Mimeograph Book]        Ian Burn, Adrian Piper, Roger Cutforth, Sol LeWitt and Mel Ramsdem        Books / Artists' Books        $750.00
  • 144 Blocks & Stones        Carl Andre        Books / Catalogs        $8.00
  • Untitled (You Are Invited to a New York Correspondence School Meeting)        Ray Johnson        Ephemera        $75.00
  • A Square Not Totally Within a Triangle Postcard        Robert Mangold        Ephemera        $20.00
  • Andy Warhol [Stockholm Catalogue]        Andy Warhol        Books        $350.00
  • January 5-31, 1969        Seth Siegelaub, Robert Barry, Douglas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth and Lawrence Weiner        Books / Artists' Books        $27.00
  • Notes in Hand        Claes Oldenburg        Books / Artists' Books        $45.00
  • Bruce Nauman : Leo Castelli Gallery January 27 - February 1968        David Whitney, curator        Books / Catalogs        $175.00
  • It's Still Privileged Art        Carol Conde and Karl Beveridge        Books / Artists' Books        $75.00
  • Records        Ed Ruscha        Books / Out of Print Books        $300.00
  • Colored People        Ed Ruscha        Books / Out of Print Books        $150.00
  • Various Small Fires and Milk        Ed Ruscha        Books / Artists' Books        $300.00
  • Nine Swimming Pools and a Broken Glass        Ed Ruscha        Books        $1,400.00

A selection of publications drawn from Robert Jacks’ own collection of artists’ books, many of which were purchased from Printed Matter in the early years of the organization. the collection includes upwards of 150 artists’ books from the late 60s to early 80s, featuring an extensive selection of works by Sol LeWitt, Ed Ruscha, Ray Johnson, John Baldessari, Claes Oldenberg, Bruce Nauman, Alice Aycock, Daniel Buren, Carl Andre and Yoko Ono, as well as an additional selection of conceptual catalogs mostly dating from the 70s.

Last updated 11/27/2016