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  • N. S. E. W.        Nick Haymes         / Zines        $25.00
  • Notes From The Foundry        Gregory Halpern, Darin Mickey and Corine Vermeulen        Books        $22.00
  • Gewalt        Jesse Hlebo        Books        $7.00
  • Wildlife Analysis        Bryan Graf        Books        $45.00
  • The Lake of Death        Jocko Weyland        Books        $8.00
  • The Copier        Nicholas Gottlund and Suzanna Zak        Books / Signed        $30.00
  • Smoke Bath        Peter Sutherland and Mark Borthwick        Books        $25.00
  • Folds        Tauba Auerbach        Books / Monographs        $39.00
  • Chant        Aidan Koch        Books        $3.00
  • Album Beauty        Erik Kessels        Books        $35.00
  • Locals        Daniel Arnold        Books        $34.00
  • Packet        Chris Nosenzo and editor        Periodicals        $4.00

Mossless is an experimental photography publication that is run by its founder Romke Hoogwaerts and his partner, Grace Leigh. Romke started Mossless in 2009 as a blog where he interviewed a photographer every two days. Mossless has a few things stocked at Printed Matter, view them here.

Last updated 12/6/2013