Launch and Artist Talk with Scott Hug
April 28, 2012

Join us Saturday, April 28th, 5-7PM, for a book launch and artist talk with Scott Hug about his publication Hell to Pay. The black and white images that make up the publication and accompanying poster series are recycled from other sources, utilizing isolated fragments of found images, redesigned and recombined to amplify their impact and offer subtle but subversive messages about consumption, war, celebrity and mass distraction. The body of newly created work is currently on view at Rawson Projects in Brooklyn and was part of an event organized for the Queens International 2012 at the QMA through May 20.

The images in HELL TO PAY draw heavily from American artist named Bern Porter (1911 – 2004), who worked as a poet, publisher, book artist, famed physicist researching on behalf of the Manhattan Project, and later a pacifist/activist with a twisted sense of humor about the so-called American Dream. Bern Porter’s work as an underground artist, pulling source material from what he called “founds,” made him and something of an artistic soulmate for Hug, who will discuss his book project in terms of Porter’s legacy.

Posters are uneditioned and unsigned, created through Print on Demand with the idea they be affordable and readily available. For the event, Printed Matter will have three posters available for sale. They measure 18 x 24", retail for $50, and can be found on our website “here”:catalog/31017, “here”:catalog/31016, and “here”:catalog/31015.

HELL TO PAY is 40 pages, softcover and staplebound, and retails for $20. It can be purchased “here”:catalog/30907