Tom Sachs zine — Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawings Catalogue Raisonné

September 24 - October 1, 2019

Published in collaboration with Printed Matter, Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing Catalog Raisonné is a new zine from artist Tom Sachs on occasion of the Book as System exhibition. The publication offers Sachs’ instructions for accessing the complete catalog of Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings via the Artifex Press site (Lindsay Aveilhé, Editor; and Chris Vacchio, Director of Research), alongside some of his favorite LeWitt wall drawings and accompanying diagrams. Available only through Printed Matter here

From Tom Sachs, August 2019:

_Sol LeWitt produced 1,352 unique wall drawings over the course of six decades. They have been installed in over 3,500 locations to date. The majority of these works were made before the age of the personal computer. There is now a thorough digital documentation of all his wall drawings. It’s called: Sol LeWitt Wall Drawing Catalog Raisonné

Since a raisonné is never ever 100% complete (new works are discovered, others destroyed or moved) only a website can do the concept justice. Sofia LeWitt really hit it out of the park with her collaboration with Artifex on this project. I was gonna bootleg the whole monster and print it out for the Printed Matter store but it would be about 7,000 pages, so fuck it. This zine is a guide to how to access the site. The Lewitt Wall Drawing database is perfect. It really doesn’t need much more than a reminder that it exists.

The intention of the Catalogue Raisonné is to make Sol LeWitt’s body of work accessible.

The intention of this zine is to make the Catalogue Raisonné accessible.

One good place to see some of these works is Mass MOCA in North Adams, Massachusetts._

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