Tsé Tsé Book Launch with BlackMass Publishing

October 4, 2019

BlackMass Publishing invites you to Printed Matter St Marks on Friday, October 4 at 6pm to join in celebrating the launch of Tsé Tsé, a new publication by Yusuf Hassan, in addition to a selection of zines by Joseph Cochran ll, Jacob Mason-Macklin, Devin B Johnson, Kwamé Sorrell, Frida Orupabo and Cèdric Kouamè.

Yusuf Hassan will sit down with Kwamé Sorrell to discuss his creative process as artist/editor, as well as presenting an introduction of BlackMass Publishing.

BlackMass Publishing is interested in facilitating conversation while fostering community through visual language; focusing on Blackness, it’s effects and affects through representations in images and text.