New Observations Issue #129

Launch and Reception
February 15, 2013

Printed Matter is very pleased to host a launch for issue #129 of New Observations, the seminal non-profit art journal by artists for artists and their wider communities. The limited edition issue, titled Out of the Box - The Way of Art on the Loose, is the first new issue from the publishers after a twelve year hiatus. Join us for a reception with Publisher Erika Knerr and Guest Editor Joshua Selman on Friday, February 15, 6-8PM.

Written, edited, illustrated and published by both well-established and emerging artists, the mission of New Observations is to present a diversity of editorial voices and topics from the many aesthetic and cultural traditions that constitute the arts. New Observations features a wide range of visual art, artists’ projects for the page, essays, poetry, and fiction.

Issue #129 is packed with cutting-edge and archival content from some of the most engaging members of the New Observations community. The issue explores alternative ways in which artists have interacted with art-making and the community around them, bringing together seminal artists from Fluxus, Street Art, Correspondence Art, Contemporary Intermedia, Experimental Utopias and beyond. #129 presents the artists who distribute work for free or outside the normal economy of exchange.

Contributors to the Issue include Robert Barry, Mark Bloch, Buckminster Fuller, Lance Fung, Gaia, General Idea, Glove, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Erika Knerr, Alison Knowles, Layman Lee, Larry Miller and Sara Seagull, Hannah Higgins, Jessica Higgins, Lucio Pozzi, John Roloff, David Shapiro, Kiki Smith, Alex Stern, Sarah Sze, Lucja Wasko-Mandes, Ryszard Wasko and more.

New Observation retails for $15.00 and is available through the Printed Matter website