APRICOTA, No. 2: On Cults, Communes, and Collectives — Issue launch and reading

June 20, 2019
6-8 PM

APRICOTA launch their second issue On Cults, Communes, and Collectives, edited by Andrianna Campbell and Joanna Fiduccia. Please join us for readings from contributors Rob Hult, Chloe Wyma and Jeff Dolven.

APRICOTA issue 2 focuses on cults, communes, and collectives and it tackles the primary question: Why do individuals choose to seclude themselves into utopian enclaves? Amid the calls for solidarity and engagement that sounded in the public sphere this past year, we sought, instead, to examine the fray, offered alternatives to mainstream governance. In cults, communes, and collectives, we reasoned, were models of living that could offer strategies in the face of our present political crisis.

Published by Secretary Press. Copies are available for purchase here

Contributors include Marina Adams, Lita Barrie, Kris Cohen, Norma Cole, Akina Cox, Jeff Dolven, Megan Driscoll, Robert Hult, Cat Kron, Jennifer Nelson, Julia Ramirez Blanco, Gemma Sharpe, Rebecca Solnit, Phil Taylor, Carmen Winant, and Chloe Wyma.