Reader Reading: TXTReader Book Launch

June 13, 2019

Join Printed Matter St Marks and TXTbooks for the launch of Volumes 1& 2 of TXTreader – two printed compendiums of short-format, one-color zines from sixteen artists working across a range of mediums. TXTreader Volumes 1 & 2 are collections where contributors are invited to create simple zine projects over a short period of time, each zine acting as a signature in the book.

TXTBooks is an artist-run independent publishing initiative in Brooklyn, NY.

Their interest is in self-publishing as a collective while facilitating projects with outside artists and writers. Their best case scenario is to publish those who have not yet considered producing a zine; their ultimate goal is to create dumb jokes and passion projects with as many people as possible.

TXTBooks publications are resolved via Risograph printing for cost-effective self production and as an informal way to aesthetically bind our output.

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