Quinto Quarto Quarterly Issue 3 Launch

April 20, 2019
5-7 PM

Join us for the launch of Issue 3 of Quinto Quarto Quarterly with a presentation by editor and publisher Jess Scott!

QQQ No. 3 features: (1) Martin Rev, the synthesizer son of New York City, one-half of the groundbreaking duo Suicide, Rev continues to tour his electronics-based rock and roll globally. (2) Tobi Vail, writer and feminist thinker dedicated to the punk group as cultural catalyst for over three decades in Olympia, Washington. Best known for her and her band-mates launching of a feminist youth power through art and music as the band Bikini Kill, Vail is a unique recorder of and instigator in underground music history. (3) Phew is a critically-acclaimed avant-garde musician and vocalist from Japan. She has moved within the sonic forces of original Japanese punk, Krautrock, Prog, minimalism, Shibuya-kei, and experimental electronics for decades. Her most recent collaboration is the celebrated Island LP with Ana da Silva of The Raincoats.

Quinto Quarto Quarterly is a limited print-only publication featuring interviews with three artists.

The images within the interviews are incidental objects from the respective artist’s life; items which may either be quickly thrown away or cherished for decades. Whatever the particular item’s fate, it effectively made up the fabric of the creative environment for some period.

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preview: q-q-q.org/Issue-3

Jess Scott is the editor and publisher of QQQ. She is also an L.A.-based artist and archivist, shows artists in The Staircase (a ‘temporary, occasional gallery’ in Chinatown, Los Angeles) and has played in several rock + roll groups.

@jess_snot | jess-scott.net

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