A New Day by Ofer Wolberger

Launch and Reception
September 21, 2012

A New Day”:catalog/31861, the final chapter in Ofer Wolberger’s series of 12 Books, brings together a collection of seemingly disparate pictures and text culled from multiple and far reaching sources. Presented as a selection of postcards and bound together using peel away glue like a notepad, A New Day is designed to be disassembled. Send them to your friends and family if you dare.

12 Books is a publishing project initiated by Ofer Wolberger in 2009. The original idea was to produce an artist book for every month throughout a single year. The publishing schedule failed miserably but the series is now complete. The books are wide-ranging. Overall they deal with notions of authorship and originality while also exploring the power of the repetitive image, the re-contextualization of the photographic image as well as the poetic use of found text as image. Finally, the book form itself is rigorously questioned and reconfigured throughout the series.

Please join us for a celebration of Ofer Wolberger’s 12 Books and a release party for A New Day, the final project in the series. The event will feature a DJ set by Ken Meier

A New Day retails for $25 and is available through the Printed Matter website “here”:catalog/31861

A New Day from Ofer Wolberger on Vimeo.