NYU Half-Title Print Fair

March 29, 2019

The Half-Title Print Fair is a showcase for the work of Gallatin students and alumni that includes interdisciplinary printed work, such as poetry, zines, screen prints, self-published books, drawings, printed tote bags, music/dance scores, and printed photographs. In the afternoon, please join us for some or all of our panel discussions, which will be held in Room 701:

1-2 pm - Panel 1: The Underground Scene: Zine Culture, Protest and Survival with panelists Zenat Begum, Mason Wilson, Aly Zhao, and Interference Archive

3-4 pm - Panel 2: Printed Matter in Multidisciplinary Practice with panelists Eugenia Kisin, Emma Kohlmann, Lise Friedman, and Rehan Miskci

5-6 pm - Panel 3: Why Print Now? with panelists Paige Landesberg; S.S. Sandhu; Cam Scott, and Cathryn Piwinski