HIT Journal Launch

March 27, 2019
6- 8pm

HIT is an art space founded in September 2013 by artist Anne Minazio in Geneva, Switzerland. HIT publishes an annual edition of HIT Journal, and each year the edition is redefined to offer a fresh look at the events that took place in the past year.

HIT welcomes young Swiss emerging artists by giving them their first exhibition and an opportunity to create new works. HIT offers a program open to disciplines such as design, architecture and fashion in hopes to decompartmentalizate fields of art. HIT also develops a reflection on the concept of conviviality in the art space by always offering vernissages or cooked food with the guest artist (s). Meals are regularly organized as part of the exhibition. HIT proposes a reflection on art as an equivocal place either by inviting artists to realize permanent works that alter the exhibition space, or by permanently redefining the spaces; A dining room, a library, a bar … HIT also integrates with the urban space by inviting artists to modify its façade twice a year.