NO NARRATIVES — A film program with GAGARIN at Anthology Film Archives

April 7, 2019
4:30 PM

GAGARIN and Printed Matter, Inc. present NO NARRATIVES, a program curated by Wilfried Huet, publisher of GAGARIN: A Journal of Artists’ Writings (published from 2000-16). Often without plot, story, suspense, conflict, or irony, and sometimes out of focus, this varied program features thirteen short films created by previous contributors to the Antwerp-based artists’ periodical. The lineup will include films by Koki Tanaka, Juan Muñoz + Gavin Bryars, Marijke van Warmerdam, Peter Downsbrough, Marilou van Lierop, Jonas Mekas, Adrian Paci, Nathalie Djurberg + Hans Berg, Santiago Sierra + Jorge Galinda, Camille Henrot, Harmony Korine, Philippe Van Wolputte, and Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

NO NARRATIVES is an extension of last fall’s exhibition, GAGARIN: A Journal of Artists’ Writings held at Printed Matter. late last year.

Film Program: Koki Tanaka TAKE AN ORANGE AND THROW IT AWAY WITHOUT THINKING TOO MUCH France/Japan, 2006, 7 min, digital

Juan Muñoz + Gavin Bryars A MAN IN A ROOM, GAMBLING Italy, 2015, 6 min, digital

Marijke van Warmerdam LE RETOUR DU CHAPEAU The Netherlands 1998, 2 min, digital, silent

Peter Downsbrough IN [ TO Belgium, 2012, 3 min, digital, silent

Marilou van Lierop TOTAL RECALL OF MUNDANE CONVERSATIONS Belgium, 2014, 8 min, digital, silent

Jonas Mekas IMPERFECT FILM U.S., 2006, 5 min, digital

Adrian Paci INSIDE THE CIRCLE Italy, 2011-12, 7 min, digital

Nathalie Djurberg + Hans Berg MY NAME IS MUD Sweden, 2003, 6 min, digital. Music by Hans Berg.

Santiago Sierra + Jorge Galinda LOS ENCARGADOS Spain, 2012, 6 min, digital. Music by La Varsaviana.

Camille Henrot DEEP INSIDE France, 2005, 7 min, digital. Music by Nicolas Kern & Camille Henrot.

Harmony Korine CURB DANCE U.S., 2011, 2 min, digital

Philippe Van Wolputte LOOKING BACK WHILE WALKING FORWARD Belgium, 2013, 12 min, digital

Apichatpong Weerasethakul ABLAZE Thailand Singapore, 2016, 5 min, digital

This program is being held at the Anthology Film Archives

Total running time: ca. 80 min. Sun, April 7 at 4:30.

Camille Henrot Deep Inside, 2005 Video, felt-tip on film 7 min Original music by Benjamin Morando Song written by Nicolas Ker and Camille Henrot Courtesy of the artist and kamel mennour (Paris, London)

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