Book Launch: Nico Dockx talks with Dennis Tyfus.

November 2, 2018

Please join us at Printed Matter St Marks for the launch of “Nico Dockx talks with Dennis Tyfus”.

About the book : NICO DOCKX TALKS WITH DENNIS TYFUS, I know this sounds quite ridiculous, but I just follow the line. 07.12.2017 – 07.12.2018

Catalogue published by Stockmans and Curious in parallel with Dennis Tyfus’ solo show at Middelheim Museum Antwerp, My Niece’s Pierced Knees

One year, 366 days, 366 questions, 366 answers ; 1000+ archival images of 20yrs Ultra Eczema by Dennis Tyfus completed by images of Nico’s archives, including material that has never been published before.

At the end 880 pages including 7 essays.

For 366 days Nico Dockx interviewed Dennis Tyfus to celebrate 20yrs of Ultra Eczema (Dennis Tyfus) in all its diversity ; multiple media, performance, music and radio shows, drawings and paintings, installations, sculptures, zines and other printed matter, sampling from one mix to the other. Welcome to discover and wonder about Dennis’ life in his Antwerp biotope of today, collaborating with his artist friends and other compagnons de route ; going back to his youth, his skating roots outside the city of Antwerp, how music got entangled in his being and the Antwerp underground scene transformed him as a human and artist. In October 2018, this is the ultimate Dennis Tyfus publication, … for now. At the end it will prove just to be a passage.