Marshall Weber performs 48 Hour Reading of Appropriative Texts

July 26 - 28, 2012


Thursday, July 26th 3PM - Saturday, July 28th 3PM

As part of the HELP/LESS exhibition Marshall Weber, artist and Directing Curator of Booklyn, will do a marathon reading of appropriative texts at Printed Matter for 48 hours straight!

The show’s curator Chris Habib will be making selections of books from the show and Marshall will dutifully devour them all. If you’ve ever wanted someone to read Fiona Banner’s The Nam to you in its entirety in one unbroken breath this is probably the best chance you will ever have. Please stop by to support his effort and catch some of the reading!!

Weber recently completed a 74 hour long on-the-street mobile poetry recital, and has given many other marathon recitations of significant works.

Marshall Weber artist and director of Booklyn’s Collection Development and Exhibitions Departments was the keynote speaker at the Mackay International Artists Book Forum in Mackay Australia on February 25, 2005. Weber then traveled on to Canberra to be a resident artist in a collaorative program between the Environmental Art Studio and the Edition + Artist Book Studio of Australia National University. While in Australia Weber initiated the MONUMENT project and produced an entire new body of work in collaboration with Organik and various Australian artists.

Weber and collaborators Christopher Wilde and Kurt Allerslev recently performed “Ascension to Twilight” a site specific performance /installation at the Braunschweig Art and Design School in Germany. For details.

In August of 2004 Weber completed a 46 hour solo marathon reading of the Iliad and Odyssey.