Bouquets 11-20, Notebooks by Rose Lowder

November 10, 2018

Please join us for a talk with artist Rose Lowder, on occasion of her new publication Bouquets 11-20, Notebooks, published by VSW Press at the Visual Studies Workshop. This event is co-presented with MONO NO AWARE. Join on Facebook here.

Bouquets 11-20, Notebooks is a facsimile notebook from filmmaker Rose Lowder, showing the artist’s illustrated transcriptions as she breaks down the composition and structure of her 16mm film, showing 10-second snippets in 24-frame increments. The primary texts (an introduction, as well as short synopsis of each location) are written by Lowder, and provide insight into the location, ecology and philosophy of each organic farm at which the film was shot.

Bouquets 11-20, Notebooks was designed by Joan Lyons, founder of VSW Press, and edited by Tara Merenda Nelson, Curator of Moving Image Collections at VSW. The project includes a short afterward by Nelson as well.

The project is accompanied by an enhanced eBook, which includes embedded video of the films.

On Sunday Nov 11 (4PM), Lowder will present a program of her short films at Anthology Film Archives, including BOUQUETS 11-20, as well as a selection of works produced in the last 7 years.

MONO NO AWARE is a cinema-arts non-profit and film positive community based in Brooklyn, New York.


Born 1941, Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Colegio San Silvestre, Miraflores (1947-1958). Fine arts studies in artist’s studios and art schools in Lima, Peru (The Art Center (1951-1957), La Escuela de Bellas Artes (1957-1958) then in London (Regent Street Polytechnic (1960-1962), Chelsea School of Art (1962-1964). Artistic practice while working as an editor in the film industry (London 1964-1972).

From 1977 onwards Lowder worked on the visual aspect of the cinematographic process and, invited by Jean Rouch and his department at the Université Paris X, presented a part of her research for a Phd. entitled Le film expérimental en tant qu'instrument de recherche visuelle/Experimental film, a tool for visual research (1987).

Active since 1977 programming rarely shown films, co-founder of the Archives du film expérimental d’Avignon (AFEA, 1981) with the aim of acquiring 16mm films and paper documents, as well as to publish several books _ La part du visuel, films expérimentaux canadiens/ The Visual Aspect, Canadian expérimental films (AFEA, 1991), L’Image en mouvement (AFEA, 2002), Images / discours (AFEA, 2006) _ so as to render those works more accessible to a general public.

Associate professor (practice, history, theory and aesthetics), at the Université de Paris I (1996-2005).