WEPRODUCTIONS: Telfer Stokes * Helen Douglas

May 11 - April 17, 2018

Printed Matter is pleased to present an exhibition overviewing the publishing history of Weproductions, an imprint co-run by Telfer Stokes and Helen Douglas. Organized by Douglas, the exhibition draws from extensive archival materi- al to examine the working methods, surrounding context, and emergent themes (narrative, place, the natural world) that shaped the output of the press from the early 1970s through to the 2010s.

Please join us for an opening reception with Helen Douglas. RSVP on Facebook here.

Spanning over 40 years of artistic production, the exhibition begins with the early bookworks of both Douglas and Stokes, charting the confluence as the two joined up in 1974 to produce collaborative large-edition offset publications. Solo offset editions by both artists are also examined as well as the smaller, digitally printed books, concertinas, and scrolls by Douglas.

Extensive supplementary material articulates aspects of their work, giving insight into how the book form is used as a space for unfolding visual narrative, with image and text developing a flow and phrasing across the page.

On occasional of the exhibition, Printed Matter will publish a new title, Insects & Grasses. Printed full color digital offset, thread-sewn, in an edition of 175 copies.