True Stories - Garrick Beck

January 13, 2018

Garrick Beck releases True Stories : Tales from the Generation of a New World Culture with a reading and presentation. Join us Saturday January 13, 5-7PM, for a reading and presentation with the author.

True Stories tells the evolution of a New World Culture, from the Beatnik 1950s through the anti-war protests, college campus movements and the psychedelic pantheon of the 1960s; from the back-to- the-land communes of the 1970s through the sprouting of community gardens and into the environmental activism of the 1980s. These stories trace an arc that defines an alive and growing multi-cultural world-wide movement.

There are scenes from the Living Theatre – the Off-Broadway innovators in whose family the author grew up – and from the very original days of the Oregon Country Faires, the Rainbow Gatherings, the modern organic food and perpetual forestry movements, the spread of ecological understanding, herbal medicines, and alternative energy sources. Vivid glimpses and detailed excursions into the psychedelic sixties, the seven wonders of the seventies, and the environmental actions of the eighties, give the reader a front row ticket to some of the remarkable cultural explorations of these times.