December 9 - 10, 2017
11AM - 4PM

BALL ZINE FAIR N°12 December 9th & 10th 2017 at El Coqui Billiards and Lounge 5419 Myrtle Ave, Queens

We’re participating in the 8 Ball Zine Fair N°12 this Sunday at the El Coqui Billiards and Lounge. The two day event features a different set of exhibitors each day. Join us!

Participating publishers:

Sat, December 9th 11AM - 4PM

Aidan Koch The Betty’s Black Box Distro Boo Hooray Catalogue Library Char Esme Colectiva Cosmica Coloured Publishing Ediciones Popolet El Binomio Flat Fix Gal Pals The Good Company Hamburger Eyes Noah Lyon Quimby’s Raw Meat Rubber Factory Posters Somos Potros Sula Collective Sun Edition Toilet Paper

Sun, December 10th 11AM - 4PM

3 dot zines Books For All Press Emma Kohlmann Endless Editions Fuck The Media Jezenia Romero Jordan Nassar Hassla Maroon World Nathaniel Matthews Nick Sethi P​aradise P​lus Pat Mccarthy Peradam Printed Matter Research and Destroy NYC Reno Dakota Ryan Foerster Sweetie Pea’s Printhouse Small Editions Te Aprecio Foto Tropical Depression

Flyer by Char Esme. More information at 8 ball Community