A new stamp project by David Horvitz

March 30 - April 30, 2017

Conceptual artist David Horvitz has curated a new mail art project for Printed Matter, inviting different artists to create text and image works, which he then had cut into rubber stamps. Artworks will be stamped onto all outgoing mail order packages as part of a “distributed exhibition” which traces the shape of Printed Matter’s mail order activity and the artists’ book community at large, through the postal service. The piece expands on a common theme of Horvitz’s work, in which he utilizes existing infrastructures and networks in order to create personalized interventions.

Contributing artists include Ed Steck, Danh Vo, Slavs and Tatars, Mishka Henner, Aram Bartholl, Susanne Bürner, Vlatka Horvat, Eva and Franco Mattes, Denise Schatz, Julia Weist, Lisa Tan, Lucky Dragons, Xiu Xiu, Helene Nymann, Tim Etchells, Toril Johannessen, Freya Powell, Newspaper Reading Club (Fiona Connor and Michala Paludan), Joseph De Lappe and David Horvitz.