Concrete Utopia - book launch and conversation with ANAH

April 1, 2017

ANAH release their recent publication Concrete Utopia, a hybrid artists’ project exploring the group’s transdisciplinary approach to the fields of architecture, landscape and art. Editors Daniela Oberauer and Wolfgang Novak will be joined in conversation by contributing editor Ellen Zweig.

The publication is conceptualized as a new urban narrative composed of different types of collages, texts and a series of concrete models. ANAH interacts with cities in the fields of architecture, public spaces, buildings and art both in the interior and exterior, actively diffusing the exterior/urban interior/private opposition and scale in a different way. The underlying idea was to create a theory for a wider audience with a special polemical and witty (graphic) language.

The publication includes an essay “Three Love Letters to Architecture” by Alberto Perez Gomez, Saidye Rosner Bronfman, Professor in History and Theory of Architecture at the McGill University School of Architecture.

ANAH is a Berlin and future NYC based practice with a transdisciplinary approach to the fields of architecture, landscape and art. ANAH strives for social, environmental and economical improvements on the collective and individual level in creating concepts and places which should encourage human interaction in space. Since 2013, ANAH has published a magazine once a year. The magazine explores issues which equally affect and concern us and which serve as a deliberate starting point for discussion. The publication offers scope for addressing everyday and special subjects as well as discussing social and space-related matters.

Daniela Oberauer graduated in textile art design. Her agenda focuses on the human interaction in the urban landscape. As a founding member she heads the research and publishing of ANAH by being dedicated to improving the understanding of architecture, art and design in society. Daniela develops the transdisciplinary approach of ANAH.

Wolfgang Novak graduated in architecture and received a postgraduate degree in landscape architecture. He has a broad experience in teaching and he regularly speaks at universities. As a founding member, he initiates the practical and theoretical work of ANAH in the fields of architecture, urbanism and landscape. His agenda focuses on political, economical and space-related matters from an architect’s perspective.

Ellen Zweig is a New York based Artist, Director, Producer, Curator and Editor. She has been working in film and video since the late 90s, creating videos and video installations. Ellen has a strong relationship to the art scene in China where she works biannually for several months. Her first feature length film, “Heart Beat Ear Drum”, a documentary on the musician Z’EV was screened in the USA, China and all over Europe.

ANAH has been given form by Fabian Wohlfart, a Berlin based communication-designer working between commercial and art, print and web, big and small projects.

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