GIFTLAND X : @POCALPY$E A holiday sale of artists’ multiples

December 3, 2016 - January 14, 2017

GIFTLAND X : @POCALPY$E A holiday sale of artists’ multiples December 3 through January 14 Opening Reception : Thursday, December 8, 6 – 8 pm

Printed Matter is pleased to present our annual selection of presents: great gift ideas that fill our gallery space, cover our walls, all in the form of artist-made multiples, posters, editions, prints, box sets, and of course, books! Something for everyone can be found here and the choices abound. Shop for friends, family, and yourself this holiday season while simultaneously supporting artists and the arts non-profit that supports them.   We have books large and small – perhaps even the smallest book in the world - HIMAA’s Smallest Book ($3), invisible to the naked eye, except for its packaging. The runner ups, the second smallest books ever, are also on display:Dikko Faust’s earBook Bookshelf, a small shelf with four tiny, beautiful, handmade and letter pressed books ($60), impressive because of, and also regardless of, their size.   For the naked-minded eye we have Ken Kagami’s newest edition with The Thing Quarterly – Issue 31 ($65) a black and white bath towel patterned with smiling private parts – plus a zine. If that’s not enough of the hidden stuff we have Kagami’s recent Nieves zines Boobs ($8) and Hair ($8) as well as the Printed Matter NYABF Fundraising edition Supreme Fan($10), if you are feeling hot, or modest.   If recent political events have left you feeling cold we still have Lisa Anne Auerbach’s knitted scarves If Nothing Changes, It Changes Nothing ($500) available in Blue and Red as well as the last copies of her book Charted Patterns for Sweaters that Talk back  ($30). Made during the dark days of the Bush presidency, the book has renewed relevancy:  pick up a copy and your knitting needles and begin work on wearable protest signs and complete them in time for the inauguration.   To inspire you or the woman in your life before the Women’s March on Washington, we have Nicole Eisenman’s Time of Day: Dusk plate ($500), Caroline Paquita’s Happy Sad Lady Doll ‘s ($40) to mirror your feelings, and her Cunt Hanky ($20) to dry your tears with. We also have Ligorano/Reese’s Fuck Snowglobes ($60) back in stock. Need we say more.   Lest we forget beauty and the light in the darkness, we also have a selection of gorgeous and expertly screen-printed artists books by the great David Sandlin, including his moving Ooooo My Son, All of This Is Yours($150) and his delightfully disturbing Scatalog Vol.  ($150).  We are also very excited to exhibit and offer a rare work by Marilyn Minter, Sleep Drawing ($5,000), a 16 ft long treated blueprint of repeating images of pillows, made in New York by the artist in the late 1980s. It’s worth a visit just to see it!   There is so much more in the store! So Come By! And Come Buy!

Curated by Printed Matter’s Christina Martinelli.

  1. Misaki Kawai
    Small Smiley Stone
    New York, NY: M. Kawai, 2016
    Out of stock
  2. Misaki Kawai
    Arty Doll [Large]
    New York, NY: M. Kawai
  3. Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese
    F**K Snow Globe
    New York, NY: Ligorano and Reese
  4. Matt Leines
    Untitled [Yellow Flag]
    New York, NY: Matt Leines
    Out of stock
  5. Caroline Paquita
    Happy Sad Lady Doll
    Brooklyn, NY: Pegacorn Press
  6. Tom Sachs
    Japan Deck
    New York, NY: Allied Cultural Prosthetics
    Out of stock
  7. Stugazi
    No Pleasures Beach Towel
    New York, NY: Stugazi, 2016
    Out of stock
  8. Paper Rad
    Acid.gif, 2015
    New York, NY: Printed Matter Inc., 2015
  9. Michelle Grabner
    The Thing
    San Francisco, CA: The Thing Quarterly, 2015
    Out of stock
  10. David Shrigley
    The Thing
    San Francisco, CA: The Thing Quarterly, 2013
    Out of stock
  11. Bradford Kessler
    Eternal Boy

  12. Zak Jensen
    12 Peaces
    Cambridge, MA: Draw Down Books and Z. Jensen, 2016
  13. Misaki Kawai
    Arty Pin
    New York, NY: M. Kawai
    Out of stock
  14. Tom Sachs
    Grappling Hook
    New York, NY: Allied Cultural Prosthetics
    Out of stock

  15. Snowflake Drawing Cards [Set of 6]
    Ojai, CA: Margins Imprint
    Out of stock
  16. Jeremy Rendina
    2017 Many Moons Calendar [Electric Indigo]
    Ojai, CA: Margins Imprint, 2017
    Out of stock
  17. Franki Finch and Beth Fouracre
    Model Kit Scottish Tenement Housing
    Glasgow, U.K. : Finch and Fouracre
  18. Fierce Pussy
    Fierce Pussy Toilet Paper
    New York, NY: Fierce Pussy, 2008
    Out of stock
  19. Lawrence Weiner
    Afloat [aka. Somewhere : Afloat at the Mercy of the Waves]
    Milano, Italy: Massimo De Carlo, 1992
    Out of stock
  20. Barbara Kruger
    Business as Usual
    New York, NY: Inc. and Printed Matter Inc., 1990
    First Edition of 500
    Out of stock
  21. Ken Kagami
    The Thing Quarterly
    San Francisco, CA: The Thing Quarterly, 2016
    Out of stock
  22. Tauba Auerbach
    3 Loop Pin
    New York, NY: Diagonal Press, 2014
    Out of stock
  23. Yoko Ono
    A Box of Smile [Black]
    New York, NY: ReFlux, 1984
    Out of stock
  24. Tauba Auerbach
    3D Japanese Maille Type Specimen Poster
    New York, NY: Diagonal Press, 2013
    Out of stock