Sara Cywnar

March 2 - February 2, 2012

In Sara’s words:

This installation at Printed Matter originates in my personal archive of images and objects collected as an ongoing attempt to make an organized and material record of experience through collecting. The window is first an attempt to control the archive by choosing a somewhat arbitrary but commercially appropriate category for classification - the color green - and second to produce, through this choice of criteria, a “springtime” window display - a common method of prompting consumers to look twice. Images are combined with objects that could have been purchased or borrowed from the store in another context, air fresheners, a sweater, a plastic bag, a framed photograph from an earlier body of work, and ordered stacks of old books. Absurd and uncanny, this lush forest of objects and images distills a sundry collection into a single category, examines the tropes of image culture and advertising, and ultimately offers the strangest window display the spring season has ever seen.

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