Decathlon Books

September 26, 2012

Decathlon Books is an independent publishing project founded in 2009 by Duncan Hamilton and Peter Sutherland. The aim of the project was to produce ten books over a two-year period featuring a collection of artists Duncan and Peter felt were interesting and deserving of wider attention.

The books were designed to work as a set and so are formally consistent - produced simply and quickly on a web press in Queens, NYC. Each book is letter sized with a two-color cover and offset printed interior (occasionally with an additional print or poster insert). Between 2009 and 2011 Decathlon published books by Mark Gonzales, Todd Jordan, Misaki Kawai, Estelle Hanania, Til Gerhard, Jack Greer and Maggie Lee, Tomoo Gokita, Misha Hollenbach, Tony Cox and Padraig Timoney.

To celebrate the launch of the tenth and final book (and therefore the end of the project) Duncan and Peter will be presenting the complete collection of books at Printed Matter bookstore on March 30th at 7pm. They will also be launching a limited edition box set that collects the books and prints together and exhibiting a new set of mimeographed prints featuring an image from each artist in the series. Artist Jack Greer will also be installing a window display for the event.

Decathlon Books are currently distributed by Motto in Europe and Dashwood Books in the US.