Alasdair McLellan with M/M (Paris) - New fundraising editions at Art Basel

June 16, 2016

Printed Matter, Inc. is pleased to announce two new fundraising editions by Alasdair McLellan with M/M (Paris). The square-format c-print and silkscreen works have been created as a collaboration between the British photographer and the Paris-based art and design duo on occasion of this year’s Art Basel, June 16-19.

The images are taken from the covers of Ultimate Clothing Company (2013) and Ceremony (2016), both self-published volumes of McLellan’s work, and designed by M/M. These two photographs are typical of his portraiture work for their exploration of British masculinity and regiment. Portraits of young men in the Ultimate Clothing Company series, clothed and nude, contrast with the uniformed subjects of Ceremony, yet each collection shares a familiar sensitivity and ease.

These 2016 editions emphasize the graphic elements of the original book covers, here screen-printed at the surface of the photographic prints, in a square format reminiscent of record sleeves ― a direct nod to McLellan’s and M/M’s shared pop obsessions. 
Signed copies of the Ceremony book are available Available here

Alasdair McLellan ft. M/M (Paris) Ceremony — Soldier Signed and numbered edition of 50 2016


Available here


In addition to new fundraising edition, our Art Basel booth features a selection of our favorite contemporary artists’ books and some fantastic out-of-print material. This includes many issues of Avalanche Magazines, a signed set of 13 artists’ books and catalogs from Christopher Wool, an extremely rare set of Richard Prince’s first artists’ book series (Menthol Pictures, Menthol Wars, Picture Wars), John Baldassari’s conceptual book works Four Events and Reactions & Ingres and Other Parables, Allan Kaprow’s performative Days’ Off Calendar and Pose, Gordon Matta-Clark’s Wallpaper, Splitting and Circus, as well as a selection of hard to find titles by Yoko Ono, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Rauschenberg, Douglas Huebler and Ed Ruscha.