Film(s) from the San Francisco Underground - Film screening

June 10, 2016
6 pm

On occasion of WALLPAPER & BEYOND, Printed Matter hosts a reprisal of Film(s) from the San Francisco Underground, a compendium of found & made films from Mr 8mm, offering a highly personal view of the artist’s experience in that city. Films will be shown on regular 8mm, Super 8 (sound) and 16mm (Sound). Featuring live accompaniment by Lary7.

The program includes a selection of (short) completed films, excerpts, pieces unedited footage and alternate takes from works in progress.

Film(s) from the San Francisco Underground likely includes “FOXYTILTINGRABBITGAITANALYST” (world premiere), “Say Something” (world premiere), “A'nt Lois” (NY premiere), “Footage shot from the window of an airplane”, “California 1938” (world premiere), “For the Love of the Game” (world premiere), “Save the Musee Mechanique” (world premiere), “When the Film from the Mental Vision Departs”, “Do they Exist”, “Movies for Those With Short Attention Spans”

A second program, Film(s) from the New York Underground will be shown Saturday, June 11.

WALLPAPER & BEYOND, an exhibition of printed works by the underground filmmaker, photographer, writer, editor and publisher known as Wallpaper and Mr. 8mm. The exhibition puts on view material from the artist’s collection, including flyers, announcements and “little magazines,” etc., which the artist designed in connection to film screenings and other events over the last three decades. Read more about the exhibition here