Study For Sturtevant Voice (Cover Version) - LP release with Weronika Trojanska

May 20, 2016
6:00-8:00 PM

Weronika Trojanska releases Study For Sturtevant Voice (Cover Version), a vinyl recording with two audio tracks reflectiing on the qualities of voice/speech, artistic practice and persona of artist Elaine Sturtevant. For this conceptual work, Trojanska has “learned” the voice of Sturtevant and adapted it to her own. Originating from Sturtevant’s interest in the idea of repetition, which - as she says in her text Inherent Vice or Vice Versa – “greatly pushe[s] the limitation of resemblance; holding the higher powers of non-identity and difference.”

Trojanska’s practice attempts to investigate how we create a fiction of ourselves and our image to others – by the means of learning certain skills and adapting particular traits from other people; collecting and carrying them in her body and mind like thoughts or memories. She has, as a result, constructed a version of her own self out of the elements of others, “writing” part of a polyphonic autobiography.

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